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Lomi Lomi Nui

LOMI LOMI NUI is a healing massage, deeply rooted in the Hawaiian tradition and the spirit of ALOHA. Practiced by the Kahuna masters, in the holy places of heiau. It combines touch and dance.

LOMI means kneading, stroking. The doubled word LOMI emphasizes its quality and intensity. Nui is translated as the only one, unique. In free translation LOMI LOMI NUI is a soft massage with use of the relaxed cat’s paw. Pleasure is a must in regaining health and natural harmony. When we experience pleasure, the body relaxes and releases all tensions, the energy flows much more freely through the body. A pleasant, respectful touch is the basis of this art. The magic of touch allows the body to regenerate and return to harmony. Healing comes from within. This ritual supports our intentions, helps to cut of from the past and to open for all NEW.

It is a very effective method of working with the body, which can be used to cope with chronic spinal problems, muscle aches, migraine headaches caused by long-term stress or severe experiences. Deep relaxation brings the relief from negative emotions, which causes tension in our muscles and  are “remembered” by them. Lomi Lomi Nui helps restoring the consciousness of our body through the state of relaxation (called Alpha state) and allows us to get rid of many physical and mental limitations.


Price: 2h/ 250 PLN

Pracownia Lotos - Lomi Lomi Nui

Peter Hess Sound Massage

Sound therapy with certified bowls according to the method of German physicist Peter Hess. Sound massage method is based on many years of research on the influence of sound waves on the human body. The therapy uses special instruments with multi-tone, beautiful and soft sound of sound bowls and Tam Tam Gong. The sound of the bowl moves our interior, introduces the soul into vibration. The sound flows through the body, gently massaging it and cleaning the energy channels of the body.

Everyday stress associated with almost all areas of our lives, destroys the inner harmony of  human being. By sound vibration massage we can achieve a state of relaxation. The worries, blockages and uncertainty accumulated in everyday stress are removed. Special techniques for extracting sounds from Tibetan bells and bowls placed on the body create soft vibrations, massage  gently and relax the body outside and inside. It is also a good alternative for people who do not accept intensive touch. It helps to remove muscle tension, energy blockages, facilitates recognition and fears overcoming. Sound massage reaches the depths of our interior. The sound of Tam Tam Gong eliminates tension in the back and neck, removes headaches, regulates metabolism, releases from abdominal cramps, calms and deepens breathing, improves the ability to concentrate.

The sound and vibrations released by the bowl are related to health. Some theories of alternative medicine associate good health with maintaining internal balance. The bowls are used for such alternative therapy, bringing harmony and balance, affecting both hemispheres of the brain. This theory has also scientific support.


Price: 50 minutes/ 150 PLN       



Ayurveda is derived from the words Ajus (life), Veda (science, knowledge) in the literal meaning: knowledge about life. Ayurvedic massage is one of the elements of the holistic system of natural medicine. They operate on three levels which is: body, mind and soul. It affects the individual systems of our body. Its essence is the energy movement and the goal is to restore the harmony of energy flow, by stimulating marmas. It eliminates physical and psychological problems.

One of the massages is:

Abhyanga which means: bringing the energy to the body. This massage is pouring warm oil on the whole body. The more one is exposed to mental and physical stress, the more oil need to be used. Massaging  the whole body with herbal oils is one of the most important treatments used in Ayurveda. Oil massages on regular basis stimulate the circulatory system, soothes the nervous system and strengthens the musculature. They also support digestion, purify blood and oxygenate the body’s cells, thus improving physical and mental well-being. Abhyanga massage stimulates internal organs by stimulating vital points on the body (so-called “marma” points) and energy channels (“nadis”) responsible for the functioning of specific organs. It stimulates blood and lymph circulation. Helps to purify toxins and soothes aching muscles, joints and spine. The oils strengthen the nervous and immune system, regenerate internal and external tissue. Remove deep tension and balancing the nervous system.




PRICE: 1hour/ 190PLN




Pracownia Lotos - Lomi Lomi Nui



Ratnaabhyanga is an extremely exclusive massage with use of hot semi-precious stones, mountain crystals and natural, warm Ayurvedic oil. The heat soothes and gives a pleasant experience. Only unique semi-precious stones from different regions of India are used, such as: jasper, carnelian, aventurine, tiger eye, rock crystal, amethyst, lapis lazuli or pink quartz.They are made from raw materials exclusively for special order. Stones of this size are not available in series production.. Each of them has a completely different, salutary effect on various parts of our body.


This is exceptionally exclusive massage, mostly because of pleasant experience, effects on the body and the appearance of stones. Massage of the whole body with hot stones has a vitalizing effect, perfectly eliminates tension and muscle pain. It is an energizing for all skin types. In addition, the use of 100% natural, certified ayurvedic oils based on black sesame, coconut and Indian herbs, are produced according to traditional recipes. This is a procedure that will satisfy even the most demanding customers.


PRICE 1h/ 190 PLN


Massage with powders and herb pastes mixed with sesame oil. While massaging appropriate drainage techniques are used, which in combination with herbal powders and ayurvedic oil have strong diuretic, anti-inflammatory and detoxifying effects.

Herbs and grains contain Amla fruits, which in ancient Ayurvedic texts are considered the best anti-aging products. They are a very strong rejuvenating agent, they contain a lot of natural vitamin C.

Barley is a source of all proteins and contains a wide range of B and C vitamins, minerals, amino acids and active enzymes that are necessary for the healthy functioning of the human body. Trace minerals and extracts flavonoids contained in barley are excellent antioxidants that protect cells from damage by metabolic products and support the detoxifying effect of the liver.

Golden shower tree – acts as a stimulant for collagen in the skin, detoxifies the body, cleanses the intestines. It allows the removal of toxins from the cells to the blood (further from the blood to the intestines and outside the body). Glucosides in the plant increase the membrane permeability of cells and act as a “solvent” for toxins. In addition, they have anti-inflammatory and firming properties and a positive effect on fibroblast metabolism and synthesis of collagen fibers.

Punarnava is used to regulate renal and system functions effectively.

Neem, Indian honeymoon in Ayurvedic Sanskrit it is called sarva nivarini, meaning “cure for all diseases”. It keeps skin healthy and shiny. Its antibacterial, anti-fungal and blood-cleansing properties are very useful in treating the skin during its disrupted state of health. It also increases the body’s immunity.
Udvartana is used as a peeling in slimming treatments and elimination of cellulite changes. It’s excellent remedy for excessive sweating and rheumatic ailments. Effectively removes harmful toxins from the body and improves blood circulation. Strengthens the muscular system, shapes the figure and gives the skin a healthy appearance.

1h/ 250PLN
5 x 1h / 230 PLN

Pracownia Lotos - Lomi Lomi Nui

Thai Massage

It is a sequence of techniques that combine the acupressure of more important points on the human body with elements of passive yoga, stretching and reflexology. It’s called nuat phaen boranest in Thailand, which means ancient classic massage.


The massaged person is dressed in loose, comfortable clothes and lies on a special mattress of moderate flexibility. Massage is performed with use of the whole body of massaging person: hands, thumbs, elbows, forearms, and also feet. Rhythmic pressure is applied along body’s aortas. Thai Massage is known for its work on energy lines, called Sen lines so it gives the feeling of deep relaxation. It’s based on five basic passive yoga positions. During the massage, the rhythmic pressure and extension of the whole body occurs: this also applies to pulling out the toes, feet, ears and  various outstretching positions.  is done according to the centuries-old procedure.


This massage relieves the tension of muscles, joints and tendons. The circulatory and lymphatic system is stimulated, thai massage restores the balance in the body, relaxes, while giving an injection of energy.




PRICE: 45min/ 150PLN

Thai Foot Massage

Thai foot massage involves two techniques: foot massage and reflexology zones acupressure. Massage includes the sole and back of the feet, toes, ankles, calves and knees. It eliminates the feeling of aching and sluggish legs and cleanses the body of toxins. It has a beneficial effect on the improvement of well-being, sleep quality, work of internal organs, endocrine system and the whole organism.

The treatment positively affects the brain by lowering stress levels.

Thai foot massage has a positive effect on various body functions, e. g. digestion,brain work (stress or sleep control), hormonal system,sense organs, central nervous system, the lymph glands, immune system.


PRICE 45min/ 150PLN

Pracownia Lotos - Lomi Lomi Nui

Jambira Pinda Sveda

Jambira Pinda Sveda is a massage with use of self-made hot stamps filled with lemon and coconut flakes, mixed with coconut oil. It is made using 4 or 6 cotton punches, heated in coconut oil. Massage with stamps gives an unusual feeling of relaxation and pleasant warming. It stimulates circulation, removes toxins from the body, stimulates the body to regenerate, soothes pain. Massage has a positive effect on the skin, which regaining healthy color, becomes smooth,nourished and moisturized.

The effect of massage on the body:

– increasing joints mobility

– muscle relaxation,

– cleansing of toxins,

– stimulation of the microcirculation of the skin,

– firming the skin,

– improvement of venous and lymphatic circulation,

– metabolism stimulation,

– stimulation of the senses thanks to the floating essential oils and deep relaxation

Indications for treatment: cellulite, obesity, constant tension, stress, fatigue, aching muscles and joints, migraine, tension around the neck and shoulders.


PRICE: 1h/ 190PLN

Bamboo Cho


Bamboo Cho Massage is an intense type of massage with use of bamboo sticks and whisks that stimulate the electrical potential, relax muscles and support weight loss. This type of massage is recommended for people with high muscle tone and with a lot of deposits and toxins in the body, with the tendency to cellulite. This treatment has draining and modeling effects. It also evens potentials in cells, thus harmonizing the body.



PRICE: 1h/ 190





Pracownia Lotos - Lomi Lomi Nui


Shirodhara is a procedure involving the massage of the point between the eyebrows (in Sanskrit “ajna” “the third eye”) and the forehead with a stream of warm, herbal Ayurvedic oil or milk heated with herbs. Shirodhara is probably one of the most popular and the most important Ayurvedic treatments. Skillfully performed treatment (which means with the right rhythm, the choice of oil) allows you to experience an extremely deep relaxation, achieve inner peace and harmony, in order to mobilize the body for self-regulation. The treatment is effective mainly in neurovegetative ailments and fatigue. This unique treatment is perceived by customers as a very pleasant gentle stroking or rocking. It’s performed together with manual massage – anointing of the head, cleavage, shoulders and back, which strengthens the effect of the treatment.


30min/ 200PLN
5 x 30min/ 180PLN


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