My massage is the TOUCH which opens you

to the feeling and being

if you have need for change I am here for you

Kinga Nowak

I am a therapist and instructor of conscious work with the body, oligophrenopedagogy specialist and instructor of sensory yoga for children. A graduate of Social Sciences at the University of Gdańsk specializing in Social Rehabilitation and Prevention. I have been exploring the secrets of knowledge for many years. Thanks to my strong belief in personal development and various workshops and courses I now know effective tools that let me work with best results. To lead you in a process of consciously waking up and undergoing transformation from within. To achieve that goal I work with the human body through healing massages and traditional holistic treatments, originating from the Far East.

Our body, mind and soul are one. The body is a treasury of experiences, beliefs and emotions. My massage is a touch that lets the body free and opens to feeling to the Heart Space. My focus is man and his story.
Touch and sound therapy studio Lotos is created from love and passion.

In spite of various life turbulences, traumas or experiences, good light always comes. I help people giving them a signpost so that they can find the right path. I am grateful for the appearance of proper teachers on my own. People who gave me knowledge and showed me how to consciously live and enjoy life. I am here in this moment thanks to all of them, my own  hard work and the will to continue my personal and spiritual development. Mahalo.


• międzynarodowy KINOMANA III Practitioner Training,
zgodny z programem ALOHA INTERNATIONAL na Hawajach
• terapeuta masaży dźwiękiem wg metody Petera Hessa I, II, III, IV STOPIEŃ oraz METODA KLIK
• terapeuta z uprawnieniami MEN masaży orientalnych Spa &Wellness
• uprawnienia do prowadzenia zajęć metodą Ruchu Rozwijającego V.Sherborne

Lomi Lomi Nui

LOMI LOMI NUI is a healing massage, deeply rooted in the Hawaiian tradition and the spirit of ALOHA. Practiced by the Kahuna masters, in the holy places of heiau. It combines touch and dance. LOMI means kneading, stroking. The doubled word LOMI emphasizes its quality and intensity. Nui is translated as the only one, unique. In free translation LOMI LOMI NUI is a soft massage with use of the relaxed cat’s paw. Pleasure is a must in regaining health and natural harmony. When we experience pleasure, the body relaxes and releases all tensions, the energy flows much more freely through the body. A pleasant, respectful touch is the basis of this art. The magic of touch allows the body to regenerate and return to harmony. Healing comes from within. This ritual supports our intentions, helps to cut of from the past and to open for all NEW.

Peter Hess Sound Therapy

Sound therapy with certified bowls according to the method of German physicist Peter Hess. Sound massage method is based on many years of research on the influence of sound waves on the human body. The therapy uses special instruments with multi-tone, beautiful and soft sound of sound bowls and Tam Tam Gong. The sound of the bowl moves our interior, introduces the soul into vibration. The sound flows through the body, gently massaging it and cleaning the energy channels of the body.
Everyday stress associated with almost all areas of our lives, destroys the inner harmony of  human being. By sound vibration massage we can achieve a state of relaxation.


Ratnaabhyanga is an extremely exclusive massage with use of hot semi-precious stones, mountain crystals and natural, warm Ayurvedic oil. The heat soothes and gives a pleasant experience. Only unique semi-precious stones from different regions of India are used, such as: jasper, carnelian, aventurine, tiger eye, rock crystal, amethyst, lapis lazuli or pink quartz.They are made from raw materials exclusively for special order. Stones of this size are not available in series production.. Each of them has a completely different, salutary effect on various parts of our body.

Bamboo Cho

Bamboo Cho Massage is an intense type of massage with use of bamboo sticks and whisks that stimulate the electrical potential, relax muscles and support weight loss. This type of massage is recommended for people with high muscle tone and with a lot of deposits and toxins in the body, with the tendency to cellulite. This treatment has draining and modeling effects. It also evens potentials in cells, thus harmonizing the body.


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